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We were wondering that too, that's why we made this site. It turns out our videos don't answer every one of your questions (who knew?!) so we added a user Question and Answer section. If you're a user of this site, feel free to take full advantage. Now to be a user you need to - um - well you don't have to do anything. Ask or answer as you will. Are you wondering how do we make money? Polite of you. Not from this site but we have jobs (for which we're grateful) so it's fine. If you click on the ads that helps keep the negative numbers small. We don't take any money to write a review and we buy the products at retail (usually from Amazon), same as you would. When we're done reviewing an item sometimes we fight over who gets to keep. Sometimes we, uh, recycle it.

Our testing process

We purchase the product at retail. We do not accept reviewer copies of any product that we will review be sure we're reviewing the same quality product as our visitors will get.

We take note of the claims made by the infomercial.

We test the infomercial claims. Then we test for any aspects of the product that may have been glossed over or skipped in the infomercial.

We put it on video for you.


We are not paid for our reviews. The website is supported by advertising revenue.

What we'll be reviewing next.

There are so many products that we're anxious to put through the ringer. We'd love to know which ones you'd like to see first. Let us know what you'd like reviewed .

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