Will the Bumpits give you daring hair or sit in the back of your closet?
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  • Pros:
  • Different colors available
  • Dramatic look - may be good for weddings or events
  • Not to difficult to get the hang of
  • Cons:
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Can't use on curly or very thin hair
  • Slides out - especially when hair is down
  • Travels up or sideways even when secured well

The Bottom Line:
If you're looking for a way to get a dramatic look, and have one of the hairstyles that will work well with this, go for it. But be aware that it may be uncomfortable and can be hard to get to stay in place. We think the bumpit is more likely to sit at the back of your closet.

Let us know what's in that head of yours

Great more resources on the planet being wasted on vanity oriented stuff.   

Sean does not own this product

by: Sean   
12/25/2010 4:06:05 PM
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Pros: Looks great.

Cons: Won't work with thin hair.

The Bottom Line: I think it looked great at me and so did my friends. I have seriously thick hair, though. If you have thin hair I can imagine you'd see the bumpit.

Recommended: yes

Lisa owns this product

by: Lisa   
7/21/2010 3:51:04 PM
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What a great review! Very thorough! I feel that I have a better understanding of the product and it's positive attributes and potential limitations.   

Sarah Fader does not own this product

by: Sarah Fader   
7/12/2010 3:04:00 PM
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The Bottom Line: Honestly, they do not look very cool. I would only use the smallest one.

And they do not look very comfortable either.

Recommended: no

hpGrl does not own this product

by: hpGrl   
6/10/2010 12:59:20 PM
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Editrial Review

Reviewed by: Cordula Mermelstein
Reviewed on: 5/26/2010 4:32:12 PM


What It Claims: The ad for this product offers you confidence and glamor with a tool that's easy to insert, secure, and takes only seconds to put in. We thought it sounded pretty cool, and so did the viewers who asked us to test it out. We put the bumpits to the test and find out if they are an ought to buy, or a not to buy...

What we found:The bumpits are available in four colors to easily match your hair color. The package includes one large, two small and two medium inserts as well as an information page. I spent a few days trying to get used to the bumpits and figuring out where they sit the best and if they can stay in place.

I started with the medium bumpits, as they seemed to be the standard size. Both the commercial and instructions show the woman placing one at the crown of her head behind a section of hair. They advise lightly teasing the underside of the section of hair, then tugging the hair over the bumpit and spraying it with hairspray. The instructions also mentions fluffing the hair, possibly to smooth over and cover the teeth. Here's where i needed a lot of hairspray. Without it, the hair would slip off and expose the bumpit.

The first thing I noticed was that the bottom combs were not only ineffective but also uncomfortable. They dug into my scalp. The combs on top were the same style and one of the main problems was that the teeth kept showing through my hair. It's also important to note that if you don't pull the sides of your hair up as well, the sides of the bumpit are exposed. The company seems to imply that bumpits can be worn by any hair type. At first, I though that thick hair wouldn't stay on the combs well. This is partly true, but now I feel thinner haired people might have more of a problem with this. This product is geared to women who don't have natural volume, but the design of the combs may turn away that very market. Another thing I could tell right away is that this product would not work on curly hair, at least if the hair by the scalp is very curly.

I found that holding the bumpit down from the back helped when I was trying to pull the hair through the top combs. The booklet mentions that most women wear their hair pinned around the back of the bumpit and I found that wearing my hair this way or in a ponytail worked much better than wearing my hair straight down. In fact, wearing my hair down did not work at all. The bumpit fell right out. And the plastic was so thick that even my no bend bobby pins bent out of shape when I tried to secure the bumpit in place.

The largest bumpit is called the Hollywood or Rockstar bumpit. The instructions didn't really give a clear idea of how it is supposed to be worn, but it is twice the height of the medium bumpits and the same length. It's a pretty extreme look. At first I tried it alone and felt like my hair took off too high and too abruptly. It looked totally unnatural and awkward. After looking through the instructions, the only thing I found was a recommendation to use two bumpits and place the Rockstar behind the first bumpit. My guess is that it cannot, or should not be worn alone. I found that using two bumpits took even more practice, as you have to secure one first and then attempt a second. Usually, once I got the Rockstar Bumpit in place, the first one was starting sliding out of place. The large bumpit also looked very awkward unless it was at the very back of my scalp. When I wore it there, it more interesting... but I felt a little like Peggy Bundy.

Then there are the mini bumpits. At first I thought these would be cute and easy to use. They aren't bad, but the bump they give is minimal and looks nothing like the videos and pictures of people using them. And if you try to go for the more dramatic look by pushing your hair up more than the bumpit allows... well, then you're just as well off as you were without the bumpit.

The Bottom Line: I didn't find the bumpits to be so great. If it really is your style and you aim for volumized hair every day or for a special event, then it might be a useful addition to your hair styling collection. But for all the reasons mentioned, I personally think that it will just sit in the closet after a few uses. I'd say its a not to buy.

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