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Sean | Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55411

I am amazed at the myriad of things made under the monetary system that are useless, dysfunctional, and are a waste of resources to produce, and the reason for this is not because humans are inherently dumb, it's because the monetary system rewards planned obsolescence, and wasting resources, so people have an incentive to produce things to sell, without giving any thought to viability, functionality, sustainability, and reliability. I would like to see put into place a global egalitarian system. You would see a huge difference: 1. No poverty 2. No crime 3. No disease 4. No neuroses 5, and not least NO PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, NOBODY PRODUCING THINGS TO BE SOLD BECAUSE THERE IS NO SELLING, EVERYTHING MADE WOULD HAVE A PURPOSE, WOULD BE FUNCTIONAL, WOULD HAVE LONGEVITY, RECYCLING BUILT RIGHT IN, WOULD BE EASY TO FIX BY YOURSELF, AND ONLY THE BEST WOULD BE MADE, THERE WOULD BE NO TIER LEVELS OF QUALITY. This is the system we need to move to if we want the human species to survive. There are very few things that I'v ever had that I would rate anything above a 2 including this overpriced Apple Computer I'm typing this on right now. One of the few pieces of technology I own that I actually have regards for is my Canon Camera because it's one of the few that's reliable, and always works like it's supposed to!
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Infomercial Junkie | Rockland, NY  

Infomercials always look so good to me, but I am such a skeptic. Love watching these products tested and getting the more realistic scoop
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