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  • Pros:
  • ... We don't have any
  • Cons:
  • Does not work as advertised
  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • Design seems cheap
  • Hearing aid seems abetter choice
  • Uses special hearing aid batteries

The Bottom Line:
We were not impressed by the Loud 'N Clear. The white noise, sqeaking when adjusting the volume, and lack of sufficient amplification made it less than useful. We also found the design to be bulky and uncomfortable. If you're looking for a hearing aid, we suggest going for the real thing.

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what size batteries does the loud and clear take

anonymous coward owns this product

by: anonymous coward
11/16/2016 11:19:31 AM
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I haven't used this device myself, however it doesn't surprise that Andrew's finding it not impressive because the overwhelming majority of things made in society are made to be sold, not be useful to people, and this crap is a waste of resources, the public continues to tolerate it, what a damn shame!

This is why I am calling for a global technology based egalitarian society. The reason for an egalitarian society is the monetary system would not exist so there would be no reward for anyone producing something just to sell because there would be no selling, there would be submitting your idea to the central system, if it's technical viable it gets produced for everyone to benefit from, or if it needs tweaking it's tweaked.   

Sean does not own this product

by: Sean   
1/5/2011 10:40:40 PM
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not that horrible

Pros: can hear a little better

Cons: uncomfortable. short battery life.

The Bottom Line: I don't get all the hate for this thing. Yeah it isnt fantastic, but it's only 20 bucks. I tink its biggest downfall is that it's uncomfortable. Other than that it does work.

Recommended: yes

dave from delaware does not own this product

by: dave from delaware   
4/29/2010 2:25:29 PM
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Well, if the short battery life is your main concern, it seems like the Stealth device is really similar to this one, just with a recharging feature. Would you consider checking that out? Have you already looked into it and decided that product wasn't a good choice for you. If so, what was your deciding factor?

C R does not own this product
by: C R  
4/29/2010 6:23:29 PM
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just as bad as the stealth ssa

Pros: yeah, right

Cons: how much time do you have...

The Bottom Line: You know, this, and the stealth SSA remind me of the junk that you would find in those thop-rite vending machines. You put in a quarter and get this plastic egg with some 2bit piece of garbage inside that would amuse the average six year old for no longer than the car ride home. This is exactly like that, actually its worse. This is cheap junk, but it wont amuse you for ten minutes, it will annoy you forever. The concept is childish and comical and when it arrived I fully expected it to come in a plastic egg with a cheaply painted plastic gold badge or something. It really doesnt work and for like twenty bucks you shouldnt expect it to. If you need something to help you hear better, get a hearing aid. they are more discreet and work far better than a junky toy.

Recommended: no

sammy D does not own this product

by: sammy D   
4/29/2010 2:08:46 PM
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Someone who has a hearing problem finds this very helpful. Heard this from many.

anonymous coward does not own this product
by: anonymous coward
3/14/2013 3:21:32 PM
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Editrial Review

Reviewed by: Andrew Rabadan
Reviewed on: 4/9/2010 11:23:25 AM


What it claims to do: The Loud 'N Clear advertises itself as a solution to hearing loss. Designed to look like a bluetooth headset, it claims that it will sufficiently amplify the sounds around you while cleverly hiding itself as a headset (as opposed to a hearing aid).

What we found: The Loud 'N Clear did not function as well as we had hoped it would.

We first tested the Loud 'N Clear by using it to listen to music. It amplified the sounds somewhat, but it amplified ALL the sounds in the room. In the end, the other amplified sounds were so distracting, that we did not feel that the Loud 'N Clear allowed us to hear the music any better. Furthermore, we heard a loud metallic hissing sound the entire time the device was on. It was kind of like what you would hear if you put a tin can or seashell to your ear. Adjusting the volume on the Loud 'N Clear often created a squeak that sounded like that microphone squeak you sometimes hear when they adjust the microphone before a lecture.

We next used the Loud 'N Clear to listen to television. Same results. We started with the volume on the Loud 'N Clear way up, and the volume on the television way down. We slowly turned up the volume on the television until we were able to hear the sound. We were able to follow the program... but when we then listened without the Loud 'N Clear, we were still able to hear the television. The amplification of the sound just wasn't that great.

We tried numerous other tests, but with similar results. The Loud 'N Clear did not provide significant amplification of sound, and the accompanying white noise was very bothersome.

The bottom line: We did not like the Loud 'N Clear at all. The sound amplification was both insufficient and noisy. The design was old-fashioned and bulky. The white noise was distracting. We suggest a real hearing aid if you need a little help hearing better.

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